Embrocation “Iron Brigde” Die Da Yao Jiu 跌打藥酒


30 ml in glazen flesje.

Iron Bridge – Embrocation

External use: not to be swallowed.
Not for pregnant women!

Functions: Promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, getting rid of swelling and soothing pains, curing numbness and strengthening bones and tendons.

For injuries from falls, fractures and strains, pains and swellings. Excellent for martial art practice (Iron Palm).

For rubbing externally on effected area. Use this embrocation on effected part frequently.

(Ingredients: angelica, arismaema, artemesia, asarum, carthamus, cnidium, drynaria, eupolyphaga, lycium bark, mastic, moutan, myrrhe, paenony rubra, persica, pini nodi, radix et rhizoma, rehmani raw, wu tuo, alcohol, aqua)

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