Nine Suns Mountain Sanda Leitai.

The Leitai is an elevated platform on which Sanda fight are fought.

8 x 8 meters and 60 cm high. Surrounding mats are 2 meters long and 30 cm thick.

This professionally made Leitai is used in all IWuF and Chinese Wushu Association commissioned competitions around the globe.

All welding is done by hand. Adjustable in height, with rubber at the bottom the prevent damaging the floor. Alle parts are powder coated.

Setting up a corner. . No tools are needed to set up the leitai. A floor panel of on the corners.

Floor panel in position: exact fittings. Here an overview of one of the corners of the Leitai. Every floor panel has extra support beams.
A complete Leitai ready for shipping.


Just the platfrom: 11.000 euro
Just the surrounding mats: 11.100

Complete Leitai 22.000 euro.

  Chinese National competition in 2004.

Nine suns mountain Leitai during the latest IWuF World Championships in Vietnam.

Below a clip of a fight on Nine Suns Mountain Leitai, from 2003. 



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